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We’re Back!

Welcome to the new Sturdy Designs website! I am super excited to be back building kites. Kelly (my wife) and I have been busy this winter getting everything ready to start taking orders, and we are almost there.

CNC cut templates for the Chiroptera

After a complete CAD redesign of the Chiroptera, we have had templates CNC cut for the sail panels & reinforcement, as well as alignment jigs. This is all to make sure that everything goes together 100% like the computer says it will. The first prototype from the new tooling is in testing now. I’m making a few tweaks to make it a bit more manueverable and forgiving to fly, so it will be better than ever! Expect orders to be open sometime in late May or early June.

Also check out that sweet new cutting/assembly table! I’ve been dreaming about having the space for a table like this for years, so I’m a little bit excited.

3D printed fittings

It’s taken a lot of R&D, but we’ve finally got a method that works really well for making fittings when injection molded parts aren’t available. Check it out here

We’ve got a few other projects going in the background, so stay tuned for more updates

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