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Chiroptera M2 – What’s Different?

Chiroptera M2 – What’s Different?

Over the past few months, I’ve revisited all aspects of the Chiroptera design and made a number of improvements. So what changed? Here’s a short summary of what sets the Chiroptera M2 apart from the original Chiroptera.

Flight: Most everyone who flew the original Chiroptera loved how it flew, but there were a few habits that I was never quite satisfied with. Thanks to some slight changes in balance, frame geometry, and bridle position, the M2 is much more forgiving to fly and more maneuverable. This makes it easier to learn, and more fun for everyone.

Sail Details: While the overall sail shape changed only slightly, the build details have been updated to make better use of a variety of materials to increase durability. The scalloped portion of the leading edge – where most wear and tear from collisions with trees or poles happens – is now fully reinforced. No more baggy edges! All the other reinforcements have been tidied up for a cleaner look and better strength.

Fittings: By using 3D printed fittings designed specifically for the Chiroptera, it is easier to assemble and more durable than ever. The custom dihedral is key to getting the frame geometry where I needed it for the right balance of glide and maneuverability.




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  1. Hi Will
    great to see you back at the kites.
    I’d like to update my Chiroptera with new fitting to bring it into line with the latest kite.
    Give me a price on fitting and post to australia.
    mike Jenkins

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for the comment. I’ll get a fitting conversion set up in the store soon. Adding the conversion kit to the original is not going to get it all the way to the, but it will be 80% of the way there.

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