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Hi! I’m Will Sturdy, the guy behind Sturdy Designs. All my life, I have had a passion for making things. I founded Sturdy Designs in 2008 as a way to help support a growing kite addiction. My first customers were other fliers in the East Coast competition circuit, but word quickly spread and soon I was building kites for customers all over the world. Kitebuilding was put on hold while I went off to college and spent some time off sailing, but now that my wife Kelly and I have settled down Sturdy Designs has dedicated workshop once again so we are back in business!

Outside of kite flying, my passion is boats and boatbuilding. Most summer weekends, Kelly and I can be found out cruising on our boat or racing with friends. Boats are also my primary line of work. I’ve worked as a sailmaker, carpenter, and most recently production engineer for a custom boat builder on the coast of Maine.

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